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Luca Brescia
Firmware Developer

Hi! I'm

Luca Brescia
Firmware Developer

Electronics engineering student pursuing MD. Part time employee working as IT. Investing in the knowledge of programming languages building many projects and ideas.

About me

I've always been fascinated by electronics. I knew I wanted to know more about how integrated circuits are made: my goal is to achieve the knowledge for build one of them. That's why with great passion and dedication I am completing my studies in Electronic Engineering. Today I have the opportunity to expand my knowledge in the field of efficiency management in the field of solar energy.

Since so many years of studying, I can say that I appreciate every single thing that has been taught to me. I am so hungry for knowledge and I challenge myself every day to learn new skills in every area that surrounds me. I'd like to know more deeply the branch of microelectronic but i also want to know how to code microcontroller better. That's why I don't want to stop learning.

I always try to reserve me some time for being with myself, that's why I love sports. Going out for a bike ride, a run or a swim is what it takes after a busy day or to get the weekend started. Over the years I have practiced many sports, but the one I keep in my heart are martial arts: freedom, respect and hard work is what they teach to you.

My Projects

Here's a brief of some projects i've realized for commitment, university or just for fun.
If you are interested in some, just take a look at my personal github profile!


University project building and testing a Theremin on protoype custom board

Theremin schematic
Psychologist portfolio

Building a professional website for freelance psychologist

Psychologist home
This portfolio

Just to freshen my web-development skills

My portfolio home

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